I admit that, prior to seeing Motown: The Musical, my knowledge about the record label and its work was limited. Names such as Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye were not unfamiliar to me, although I could not quite place which songs they had recorded and were most famous for. Needless to say, seeing…



Where does one begin with the multi-faceted individual who is Kanye West? Whether it be for his stage antics at the VMAs; or his recent marriage to the woman who is, for better or for worse, arguably one of America’s foremost pop culture icons; or his third track from Yeezus, which is, to some,…



’03 Bonnie & Clyde - Jay Z featuring Beyoncé

Song Format

  1. Verse 1 (Jay Z)
  2. Chorus
  3. Verse 2 (Jay Z)
  4. Chorus
  5. Bridge (Beyoncé)
  6. Chorus/Outro
Song Information / Credits
  • Writers: Jay Z, Kanye West, Prince, 2Pac, Darryl Harper, Ricky Rouse, Tyrone Wrice
  • Producer: Kanye…

Post-Dinner Chat with Steve Stoute


Steve Stoute, a prominent figure in the development of hip hop music and culture in the 90’s and now an influential individual in the advertising industry with his firm Translation, coined the term ’tanning’ to describe the changes in the mental complexion of the Caucasian population thanks to…



Hi everyone!

My name is Cheryl Chan and I’m from Hong Kong. In all honesty I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I will be spending a month of my summer in NYC with such an amazing group of people in ReMu. Also I’m currently writing this after a long day in Bordeaux so please do…


isn’t it ironic that the one person that can make you happy also is the reason why you stay up late listening to sad music and makes you wish you were dead